30 comments on “Overscan Options in Catalyst 9.9 on Windows 7

  1. Thanks for the instructions. It looks like the same location on Vista. I just installed an ASUS EAH4650 and the latest catalyst drivers and wasn’t able to find where the overscan options were located anymore.

    They really stuck it in some obscure location this time around.

  2. OMFG!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going insane looking for the option, thinking ATI removed it! Without the overscan adjustment, the desktop did not fill out the real estate properly. Many thanks!

  3. thank you for posting this. I didn’t found it either we surely all went blind… I’m amazed at how bad the interface of those catalyst is structured. and it’s not becoming better over the years…

  4. Thanks for that mate spent quite abit of time looking for it was going crazy….

    The previous incarnation of the cataylst interface was soo much better

  5. OMG I could not find it…
    1. open ccc
    2 then I click the dropdown on the top LEFT (???)
    3. desktop & display, right clicking on my lcd (as second display) but there is no options, just properties bringing me back to display options :-((((((

  6. Hmmm.. When I do this trick it goes back to the welcome screen.. That’s annoying

  7. Thank you, but I think that the profile manager doesn’t sabe the oerscan settings. Can you confirm this`, please?

  8. This doesnt work on Windows x64, When clicking on configure you are taken straight to the homepage instead, im not the only one experiencing this and using older version doesnt seem to work either.

    looking at one horrible mess at the mo, hope AMD/ATI get it together soon, i mean seriously dont they test before releasing?

  9. There is a new version! Maybe beta…for win7 x64 and vista….and finally, it works! 🙂

  10. ditto everyone’s thanks. multiple driver re-installations and CCC version upgrades wouldn’t have been necessary had I found this first.

  11. There is no way I would have found the overscan and pixel format options in the new menu format without your post. Thank you!!

  12. Had the same problem that some others did, where selecting “Configure” returned me to the main welcome screen. First I updated the drivers to the latest (slightly newer than what Win7 came with stock), then I selected “Restart Runtime” from the Catalyst Control Center folder in Windows menu (i.e. Windows Start Menu). Then it work! 🙂

  13. Thanks bro, my new HDMI cable was causing problems , and now it is fixed , I dont know why these guys have to hide such settings so deep 😦

  14. I just wanted to thank you guys so much. You finally game me the answer to the problem that was driving me crazy. Filling out the screeen on my monitor when used in HDMI mode. Just use the scaling options on ATI-CCC. Thanks so much !

  15. Thank you. I have been looking all over for these instructions but usually getting responses to my problem of changing this setting but not how to get to it.

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