5 comments on “BPAdvCFG – Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool v0.3.4

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  2. I downloaded this and tried to run it. No luck. I started it and it appeared like a program was loading, but in the end the process disappeared from the task manager in active processes after a few seconds. I am running Windows 7 64Bit.

    Anyone knows how to fix that ?

    • I’m also running Windows 7 64 bit…no issues like that here…When the program first runs you are prompted with a message saying that the settings folder has been auto-detected. that’s the only thing i can think of that would stop the form from showing…. Windows should come with all the runtimes you would need to run the program…

  3. Whatever I do, I cant get that thing to start. Tried in compatibility Mode, no luck. Even added it to the exceptions file list on my Avast Antivirus, no luck. I dont know what else to try anymore.

    Is there some special things on Windows I should have ? Some special .NET Version or what ?

  4. Maybe try redownloading it ? While it is written in Visual Basic, its not written in Visual Basic .NET 😉 Its VB6. Every version of windows from 2000 on has the required files for basic applications, but you can try http://activex.microsoft.com/controls/vb6/vbrun60.cab just in case its somehow lacking from your install. Thats direct from Microsoft, just run the exe inside the cabinet archive, extracts nicely with WinRAR. But really that shouldnt be necessary.

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